Cascais Marina

Visitor's Guide

Marina, Cascais

The citadel stands over the marina

Cascais’ 600-berth marina is located behind the citadel and is where Lisbon’s most affluent population keeps its deck boats and sleek yachts.
It’s faced by a few restaurants and bars, which serve those who moor their boats, locals and tourists.

Marina, Cascais

Restaurants and bars face the marina

Avenida Rei Humberto II de Itália

Attractions Nearby

The marina is a pleasant place for a stroll, heading in a western direction towards the Santa Marta Lighthouse. The lighthouse and its neighboring building (Casa de Santa Maria) may be visited, but the main attraction is the calm, crystal-clear water of the beach of Santa Marta by the palatial residence of the counts Castro Guimarães. You may also see the interior of that building, which is now a museum, or continue your walk down the road, all the way to the rock formations of Boca do Inferno.

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