Cascais Market

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Cascais market

The market has a number of bars and restaurants

Modernized in 2014, Cascais’ traditional covered market dates from 1952. Its stalls still sell freshly-caught fish and local produce as they did in the old days, but those have been joined by contemporary restaurants and bars.

Visit early in the day for the fresh fish and produce, and return later in the evening or at night for the restaurants and bars. Split into two levels, it has outdoor seating, and the dining options range from seafood to pizza.

The market opens early, at 6:30am. The opening times of the bars and restaurants vary, with some opening for lunch and others only in the evening for dinner. Those businesses also choose their closing times, which are anywhere between 11pm and 2am, depending on the day of the week.

How to Get to Cascais Market

The market is about a 5-minute walk from both the train and bus stations in the modern part of town.

Avenida Dom Pedro I

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