Museu do Mar (Museum of the Sea)

Visitor's Guide

Museu do Mar (Museum of the Sea), Cascais

The museum is housed in the former building of a sports club

The King Carlos Museum of the Sea is a small but informative museum, devoted to the maritime and fishing heritage of Cascais and to the study of the oceans. Set in a garden, it took over the former building of a sports club in 1992, and shows historic exhibits relating to Cascais’ fisherfolk, models of boats, artifacts from shipwrecks, marine fossils and shells. It has expanded and modernized over the years, and now also focuses on biodiversity and the environment.

Carlos I was Portugal’s second-to-last king (he reigned from 1889 to 1908), a patron of science and the arts, and even published his studies related to deep-sea and maritime exploration. The museum honors him with an annual prize with his name, distinguishing those who have excelled in scientific investigations of the sea.

Rua Júlio Pereira de Mello

Admission and Tickets to the Museum of the Sea

Admission is €3.

It's closed on Mondays

Attractions Nearby

Behind the museum is Cascais’ contemporary landmark, the Paula Rego Museum. Before or after a visit, also check if the town’s most important church (Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Assunção) is open, and take a look inside. Right in front is Casa Sommer, a mansion that presents temporary exhibitions related to the history and culture of Cascais, and that’s part of the Museum Quarter.

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